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How many pairs of glasses do you actually need?

The four different types of glasses should be considered!

First: Sunglasses


Much more then a fashion accessory, you should also know that they are the FIRST line of defense for your sight against the UV rays of the sun!

Second: Sports Glasses


You also can incorporate different types of sunglasses for the outdoors!

Especially for sports like skiing! These goggles are types of glasses that are made with safety shields and eye guards made of stronger materials. They are great for ultimate impact resistance and durability!

Third: Reading Glasses


Did you know there is a normal vision progression called presbyopia? It means it is TIME for a an eye exam to possibly need a prescription for reading glasses!

This is when you get to the point in your life when you are squinting to make out the words on a daily occurrence!

Fourth: Computer Glasses


More and more we are becoming dependable on our digital devices for work, for play for most things in today's world!

We are seeing more digital eye strain which include symptoms such as: blurred vision, dry and irritated eyes headache and light sensitivity! SO how can you prevent it?

More eye doctors are recommending to explore glasses with a blue light screening component! This screening component protects high energy visible blue light and UV radiation transmitted from the computer screens.

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