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Things To Consider As We Head Into Warmer Weather For Your Eye Health!

Couple wearning Transitions

Have you heard of blue light?

Lights are composed of non-visible and visible lights. When anyone discusses UV light, this type of light is an example of non-visible light that is emitted from the sun. Visible light is what our eyes see as colors think of the rainbow! When people discuss "Blue light" it appears as a range of colors from blue-turquoise to blue-violet light.

Not all blue light is harmful but blue light is EVERYWHERE. It is found indoors and outdoors from sources including the sun and electronic products. The intensity of the harm it can do should be monitored and that is why we want to tell you more about this new technology to protect your eyes from BLUE LIGHT!

Have you heard of a “Photochromic Transition Lenses”?!

These lenses have molecules that make light, dark and every shade in between possible! This technology becomes an integral part of the lens! Most photochromic lenses react primarily to UV light. This is why they remain clear indoors and change when you’re outside in the sunlight.

This technology in lenses enhances your driving experience and constantly recalibrates the optimal amount of light that reaches your eyes whether you are in or outdoors!

Top reasons to check out the Photochronic Transition Lenses!

Women with Transition lenses1. They are designed to be worn for all kinds of occasions!

2. They are protective and block UV/UVB light

3. They reduce straining on your eyes

4. This technology is stress FREE so you don’t even feel the transitions of when your exteriors change!

Interesting in learning more?! come in and ASK US!

**photo credit to transitions adaptive lenses**