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Autumn Allergies


When it comes to seasonal allergies, Many people immediately think of spring and the pollen overload! Believe it or not, red eyes, sniffles, itchy throats and sneezing or not only connected with the spring. When the leaves start to fall in the autumn and the air beings to cool down; allergens can be trigged by the same set of symptoms!

Top 3 allergies to be on the look out for:

1. Clean your HOME and YARD to prevent mold and mildew!

Dr. Shwom leaves rakes 8 470 1008According to healthline " Mold and mildrew grow on damp and fallen leaves and compost piles. They thrive in damp areas like basements bathrooms and kitchens."

Way to prevent: Use a dehumidifier in the house! Clean bathrooms and kitchen regularly using vinegar and store bought ant-mildew agents to avoid buildup!

ALSO don't leave piles of leaves in your yard! Be sure to wear a protective mask when raking the leaves and cleaning the compost bins! You don't want anything to go into your EYES!

2. Clean up after your pet's fur and dander!

CatandDogMany people with seasonal allergies have pet allergies! Dander is a compile of animal shed and dead skin. Pet allergies can be caused through fur, saliva and fur , dander and even urine from pets!

Way to prevent: Try keeping pets in specific areas of your home and off your furniture. You can even put a cover over furniture to prevent fur from getting into it. Also recommend to keep litter boxed and/or pet bedding away from air vents! Air purifiers are always a great option for allergens as well.

3. Get rid of DUST MITES!

MattressDust mites are an all year round allergen but they thrive in temperatures from the 60s-70s so heading into the fall this is something to be cautious of !

Way to prevent: Dust and vaccum regularly! Also try cleaning your air vents throughout the house before turning on the central heat for the first time after summer. Cover your mattress and pillows in dust proof covers as dust mites do love the bedroom! Regularly wash ALL bedding in HOT water and dehumidifiers help as well!

Interested in more tips? Stay tuned for our next blog :)